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We won’t rest until New York City’s LGBTQ seniors can live in safe, welcoming housing they can afford, with access to health and mental health services capable of meeting their unique needs.


Identify your needs and understand your options. Explore innovative Senior Housing strategies. Connect with Opportunities.


What you need to help you thrive in your own home. Connect with LGBTQ-friendly providers for Repair & Maintenance, Professional Services and Health and Specialty Products designed…


Member Interest Groups, Working Advocacy Groups, Communications Tools, Skills Building, Arts & Events Discounts.

Housing Opportunities

According to NYC projections, our senior population (over 65) will increase from 1 million to 1.4 million (40%) from 2010 – 2040. Where will we live?

Connect to resources for LGBT-welcoming senior housing, aging in place services, tenant protection and displacement defense, apartment sharing, city subsidy programs and more.

LGBTQ older adults face special challenges. Learn the issues and some of the solutions people are coming up with. Join the discussion and the movement.

Products and Services

LGBTQ-Friendly Vendors

What you need to help you thrive in your own home. When you need a repair or a personal service such as accounting, health or mental health services, you want to know the people who serve you will be LGBTQ-friendly. We are creating a community demand for respect and service and a market incentive to meet that demand with our directory of credentialed providers.

Discover innovative products designed to meet our needs as older adults. Get discounts and have your shopping support the community. Shop in the Stonewall Store for beautiful creations by local LGBTQ senior artists and artisans and their allies… or sell your work!

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Culture and Connection

Aging isn’t what it used to be, and it’s ours to define. Learn new skills, explore a second act career, meet innovators changing the way we navigate the challenges of becoming an elder.

Connect with a vibrant community. Meet-ups, Member Interest Groups, Intergenerational Advocacy Working Groups, original content and interactive programming, all led by older adults and those who support us.